MedX-Physio SpineCare Program

10-Week SpineCare Program

The MedX Spine Care system was clinically developed to successfully address the following: 

  • Alleviate back & neck pain
  • Restore spine function capability
  • Improve quality of life and independence
  • Reduce the need for costly spinal surgeries and on-going treatment

Outcomes rely on objective and precise measurable results that only the MedX medical system can provide.

MedX Medical Machines (and not copies) are the original, advanced, computerised testing and functional therapy machines for the spine.

Evidence Based

MedX Systems Australia’s evidence is based on a clinical program conducted on the Gold Coast involving over 1,600 patients and clients that produced objective computerised test results that show the following:

With only five sessions of therapy, selected patients tested reported:

  • An average improvement in functional strength output of 86%.
  • An average increase in spinal flexion/extension range of motion of 25%.

About the Program

The MedX-Physio SpineCare Program is a progressive spine care treatment, which provides the first and most important step to reducing or eliminating pain and in restoring function and independence.

To provide permanent relief from chronic back and neck pain, the spinal structures and supporting tissue must be actively reconditioned through isolated strengthening procedures.

Average improvement in functional strength output*

* results in 5 treatment sessions

Average increase in spinal flexion/extension range of motion*

* results in 5 treatment sessions

Published articles in peer-reviewed journals
Years of MedX available on the Gold Coast

Scientifically Proven

With more than 50 published articles in peer-reviewed journals, the machines testing procedures and rehabilitation protocols have been researched and developed over 20 years in the United States of America, primarily at the Centre for Health and Human Performance, Exercise Science and Colleges of Medicine, University of Florida, and in addition at the University of California School of Medicine, San Diego.

Our Philosophy

The MedX-Physio philosophy is based on a commitment to only delivering care that has truly validated scientific research in order to provide long term benefits.

The MedX-Physio treatment goal is to help patients restore optimal function, thereby eliminating the need for ongoing medical treatment.

MedX Medical Machines are the only devices that have been scientifically researched and medically proven to be effective in achieving this!

Back & Neck Pain Solution

As the supporting structure of the spine is safely and effectively strengthened, function improves and pain is reduced or eliminated.

Medical research shows that the majority of patients with chronic spinal pain are significantly “de-conditioned.” Weakness of the musculature of the spine can lead to many conditions such as herniated discs, facet syndrome and a degenerative joint disease.

The longer a patient has experienced chronic pain, the greater their strength and functional deficits. As pain increases a patient instinctively protects the area by discontinuing activities. Inactivity initiates a de-conditioning syndrome that negatively impacts symptoms and weakens the body.

Lasting relief comes from the MedX SpineCare system providing significant improvement in strengthening the supporting structure of the spine.

Never before has there been a safe and effective way to target and treat spinal function.

MedX Medical Machines include:

  • Computerised systems that allows for acquisition and storage of data from the streamlined patient/clients testing and treatment sessions.
  • Visual and audio feedback aids the operator and patient throughout the test and exercise procedures.
  • Testing options are available for both the motivated and malingering patient/clients.
  • Software includes many graphical representations to document progress in strength, endurance and range of motion with age, gender and body weight based normative statistics included for comparison to patient/client data.

Spinal Surgery Prevention

Brian W. Nelson, MD, an orthopaedic physician from the Physicians Neck & Back Clinic in Minnesota, conducted a study where this type of treatment was shown to be a viable alternative to non-emergent spinal surgery. The study, published in an edition of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, showed that 91% of spinal surgery candidates were able to avoid surgical intervention by attending this form of spinal restoration therapy.

Professionally Managed

Each therapy session is appointment based and fully supervised by educated health professionals. 

MedX-Physio, of MedX Systems Australia, is the only MedX accredited spine care treatment facility available. With decades of experience in providing MedX spine care treatments, you can be assured you are in the best hands. 

Test, Evaluate & Restore Spinal Function

No matter what a person’s current activity level MedX-Physio will:
  • Provide effective treatment for chronic and sub-acute back and neck pain
  • Reduce the need for costly spinal surgeries and on-going care
  • Promote medical rehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Increased stability, mobility and stamina
  • Help in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, arthritis, herniated discs and most other debilitating spinal disorders

We believe in affordable spine healthcare for all.

Book in for no-obligation, free, information appointment and learn more about the benefits of MedX- Physio SpineCare Program.

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