Effective & Safe

MedX-Physio helps patients with a wide range of conditions and provides qualified, experienced and friendly Physiotherapy services.

We are a premium physical performance and rehabilitation centre that combines advanced physiotherapy with our unique spinal testing and strengthening programs. 

Our philosophy is based on thorough assessment that considers the whole body and mind with meaningful measurable results. We help you achieve and maintain the capacity to move pain free, with confidence and enjoy healthy activities and family time… 

To keep your body functioning the way it should we offer enhancement sessions and preventive programs that measure and maintain your flexibility and strength over time. Our experience, coupled with high quality treatment methods, ensures you’re in the safest hands.

Introducing our new senior Physiotherapist, Leighton Marshall.

Our approach effectively breaks the cycle of pain and de-conditioning using evidenced based clinical reasoning with the skills of our physiotherapists. We want to help you move and feel young again by problem-solving pain and injury through targeted, safe and effective conditioning of the supporting structure of your spine.

Have you been told that nagging aches, stiffness and tightness, or debilitating pain are all part of ageing? We are here to debunk those myths.

Your body is made for moving!

If you want to step away from pain, return to work, sport and a healthy and happier life, book now

You’ll be impressed!

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