Spine Specific Physiotherapy

MedX-Physio’s principle Physiotherapist, Dr Aaron Driver, who has a Doctorate in Physiotherapy, has a long term relationship with MXS Australia and together they have partnered to establish the ultimate spine care treatment facility, MedX-Physio, now in Paradise Point.

Effective & Safe

Aaron has developed an evidence based protocol from extensive clinical experience, practicing in musculoskeletal therapy, that is ultimately designed to identify the root cause of back pain, rather than, just treating symptoms. 

Aaron offers hands on back pain treatment designed to firstly, assess your functional pattern of pain that directly affects your spinal condition and secondly, provide specific treatments tailored to instantaneously reduce your low back pain, through meticulous scientific investigational observation.



Combined with the MedX Medical System the aim of the program is to provide immediate pain relief that lasts. This is accomplished through the recalibration of your nervous system and realignment of your spinal and body segments, along with the strengthening of the muscle groups that are the stabilising structure of the spine.

The result is living a pain free lifestyle that allows you to live your every day life to its fullest potential.

Extensive Physiotherapy services are also available.

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