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Medically Proven

MedX-Physio, is a subsidiary of MedX Systems Australia, which was established with a sole purpose of providing highly developed and scientifically-based medical exercise systems. 

Medically Proven

Wayne Brewer, founder of both companies – has been associated with Arthur Jones (the founder, inventor and chairman of both MedX and Nautilus medical sports industries) his equipment, philosophy and associated educational programs since the 1980’s. He has implemented programs to over 12,000 clients/patients and has achieved associated business success for more than thirty years. 

Wayne has been authorised and recognised by MedX, specifically the  inventor, founder and Chairman Arthur Jones, President Michael Dettmers and International Vice President and health and fitness dignitary Joe Cirulli.

Medically Proven

He has been responsible for establishing and operating a number of MedX facilities in Australia and being the chief exponent and importer of this equipment into the country.

Since January 2008, MedX Systems Australia has operated unique, medically supervised spine care centres, which specifically utilise MedX Medical Machines. 

In January 2020, the clinic rebranded and opened in Paradise Point, QLD, under the name of MedX-Physio.

Medically Proven

MedX Medical Machines

  • Accurately test lumbar and cervical function.
  • Restore and increase range of motion, strength and endurance thereby improving everyday functional capability while reducing or eliminating pain.
  • Objectively evaluate results, detect malingering or uncooperative subjects and provide university based comparisons to age and weight-matched norms.
Our machines are the originals and only devices capable of producing specific and accurate testing of spinal function, along with the best source of controlled functional rehabilitation with isolated medical exercise.
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