Our Clinic

We are pleased to announce our new facility, MedX-Physio, which opened early January 2020 and provides physiotherapy and MedX exercise therapy to the whole community.

The clinic incorporates the MedX-Physio SpineCare program which is delivered through the educated application of MedX equipment by trained health specialists who fully supervise, monitor and accurately record treatment results.

Results achieved by MedX Systems Australia have led the Gold Coast doctors, orthopaedic surgeons and other allied health professionals to refer increasing numbers to the program. 

Our signature program provides relief for those with chronic and sub-acute pain and effective therapy for those in poor health, susceptible to injury, de-conditioned or in a state of atrophy following surgery or immobilisation.

MedX-Physio Paradise Point

4/16-18 Falkinder Avenue
Paradise Point 4216 QLD

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